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Never Drink and Drive!

 The Hopkinton Police Department encourages you to "Make the Right Call"-- Never Drink and Drive! To show your commitment to staying safe, "Like" the Make the Right Call Facebook page for a chance to win a pair of tickets to your favorite New England team at the 12/28 game against the Buffalo Bills: 


Officers Issued Narcan
In response to the statewide opiates overdose epidemic Hopkinton Police Officers have completed training in the administration of nasal Narcan.  Narcan has been issued to each patrol officers.  This action is an effort to enhance officers abilities to care for patients experiencing an opiate overdose.  Follow this link to see Chief Lee's press release.

The Hopkinton Police Department has identified property crime as a high priority in our community.  In response the Police Department has announced a new campaign to prevent crime.  The Like it - Lock It campaign asks citizens to take an active role in protecting their property.  Most items stolen from vehicles and in the school or workplace are left unattended and unsecured.  We are asking everyone to partner with us to prevent property crimes. 

Donít make your valuables an easy target!

Lock your vehicle every time.

Donít leave electronics or other valuables visible in your vehicle.

Donít set your items down and trust that no one will take them

If you use a locker at work, school or the gym, LOCK IT

Always lock doors and windows

The residents of Hopkinton have voted in a solicitor Bylaw.  This law governs the solicitor registration process.  Groups who are interested in soliciting in town can visit the towns website or stop by the police station to begin the registration process.



Crash Reports
If you were in an accident and need a crash report you can visit the Commonwealth of Massachusetts website to download a copy.  The form contains the instructions on how to complete and file your report.

Street Lights - Keep the Lights On!
Street lights are provided by the town in order to improve safety in the community.  Please help us to keep the lights on.  If you notice a light that is out you can report it directly by calling 800-544-4876.  

Is Your House Numbered?
The emergency services profession has a saying, "seconds save lives." A properly numbered house allows responding police and fire personnel to quickly locate your address. To view some examples of properly numbered houses visit our website.


Identity Theft-Victimization Continues
Hopkinton is a very safe town however our residents are not shielded from identity thieves.  Crimes involving the theft and use of personal information can be devastating to both your credit and finances.  To learn more on how you can protect yourself refer to our Identity theft website.

Do you have a House alarm.
A properly installed house alarm can be an important part of you home safety plan.  However, a faulty system can be a nuisance to you and a burden on your police and fire departments.  False alarms expend valuable community resources and can cost you money in fees.  Please keep you alarm system well maintained and update your registration form periodically.

Preparedness is not only a winter issue.  The extreme weather experienced in the New England region have demonstrated the importance of thinking ahead.  Many examples of late include isolated weather events that devastate neighborhoods.  These patterns remind us that hurricanes and blizzards are not the only threat. It doesn't take a lot of money or time to prepare your home and car.  The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency has a lot of useful information as does ready.gov.

Unregistered Vehicles and Trailers
The Hopkinton PD will continue their active enforcement of Chapter 130, Town Bylaws. If you notice a property with more than one unregistered vehicle or trailer, please contact Officer Phil Powers at 508.435-2123 x1324.

Driver's Manual
The Department of Transportation now offers it's Driver's Manual Online.  You can pick up a printed copy at your local Office. Or download it here.

Violence Against Women
Every day women are victims of violent acts.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides excellent information and resources to victims.  The Hopkinton Police Department considers all acts of violence to be of the highest priority.  We are committed to offering immediate assistance and will connect you to  the resources needed to help prevent future violence.  Please don't hesitate to call. 



Pedestrian - Bike Safety
The Highway Safety Division and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security has provided the following video.  Please take a moment to view this informative video on bike and pedestrian safety.


IRS Scam Attempts Continue
The perpetrators of the IRS scam attempts continue to target victims.  Attached is a link to the IRS website and information.  The IRS nor any other government agency will call and ask you to wire them money or provide your personal information including Social Security number over the phone.



Hopkinton Police History
The Hopkinton Police Department is gathering information and photos related to the department's history.  Any historical data or photos you have would be appreciated.  Any photos can be copied and the originals will be returned.  If you think you can help please email Sergeant Joseph Bennett

Hopkinton Police Officer Franny Adams

 Thanks to Jaynne Adams




Do you recognize anyone?

Department Photo late 1940's




Patrolman Tom Griffin

Circa 1979


Chief Richard A. Flannery

Pallbearer for

Chief Francis X. Bowker

September 2010

Follow this link to see more pictures.


Social Media Advisory from SRO Powers
Officer Phil Powers offers some sound advice on social media and your children.  Please take a moment and read some valuable information.


Police Logs
The Hopkinton Police Department is now publishing the police logs on the towns website.  Visit the Town of Hopkinton website to read the logs and review arrests. 





Frequently Used Town Numbers
Fire Department 508-497-2325
Animal Control Officer 508-497-9735
Board of Health 508-497-9725
Highway Dept/DPW 508-497-9740
Selectmen 508-497-9700
Treasurer 508-497-9715
Town Clerk 508-497-9710
Water Department 508-497-9765
Personnel 508-497-9769

Important Links
- Officer Contact Info
-Police Logs
Accident Info
Unsure if you should file a report? Check our Accident Page.
Click the below link if you need a Crash Report

Alarm Registration
Do you have a house alarm?  Please make sure you submit an Alarm Registration.


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