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What kind of information should I retrieve from the other operator if I'm in an accident?

You should obtain:

1.operator's name, current address, license number & expiration and date of birth.

2.vehicle's registration number, make, model and color

3.vehicle owner's name and address

When do I have to file an accident report?

If the combined damage from the accident exceeds $1,000.00 and/or there is personal injury, you must file an accident report.

Where can I obtain an accident report form?

Any police department will carry a supply of accident report forms.

How long do I have to file an accident report?

You have five (5) business days starting the next business day after the accident.

Where do I file my accident report?

You need to have three (3) copies of your accident report and send them to the following:

1.the police department that has jurisdiction over the location where your accident occurred

2.The Registry of Motor Vehicles

3.your insurance agent or keep for your own records if not needed by the insurance agent.

It is suggested you contact your insurance agent and they will in turn mail your accident reports to the appropriate agencies. For information on where to submit an accident report to the Hopkinton Police or how to receive accident report information please refer to our Records Department.

Motor Vehicle Crash Report



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